About us

STORAGEAUCTIONS.ONLINE  has been managing self storage locations and involved in the self storage auction process in Australia for the past 22 years. We continue to be innovators and leaders in the self-storage industry, and have created a marketplace where both Sellers and Buyers of Storage Auction units can benefit and prosper.  

We equally strive to help you locate and find the self-storage unit auctions in Australia that most suit you and your needs. Providing customer satisfaction is our main goal as it earns us your respect and affords us with repeated customers and recommendations.

STORAGEAUCTIONS.ONLINE makes it easy and convenient to bid on online storage auctions. Storage units across the country go abandoned every month and storage unit managers are forced to sell the contents in order to minimize their losses and to empty the units. With online storage unit sales, you won’t need to travel the country looking for storage unit content sales and abandoned storage units. We make it easy for you to bid on these self-storage auctions from home, work or anywhere else via your mobile phone! You can find a wide variety of rare and valuable treasures at abandoned storage unit auctions!

If you’re a storage unit owner or manager who is looking to recover your losses, online storage auctions are a great way to find bidders and to advertise your auction without the crowds and inconvenience that come along with having a physical storage auction at your facility. Research has shown that owners get 3-to-5 times more for abandoned storage unit contents with an online sale.

Storage Auctions has revolutionized the way in which the contents of self-storage units are marketed and publicly auctioned after the lessee has failed to pay rent. The site fills the gap between the operational systems that the industry currently utilizes and the public buyer who may be interested in the contents of a unit that is going to auction. The tools our company provides allows the storage industry not only to comply with, but also to exceed the intent of state laws governing the self-storage industry, protecting tenants and bidders alike.

When looking to bid on auction units for sale or listing your delinquent accounts online, look to STORAGEAUCTIONS.ONLINE. Bookmark us and visit us daily as there is always something new for you to bid on.