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Boasting an impressive turnover of antique furniture, antique jewelry and fine collectibles, the storage auctions has greatly expanded its clientele and reach with online antiques catalogues, online auctions and of course the classic live auctioneer run auctions. We have bidders from around the country constantly monitoring our website and more people viewing our page, interest in new stock is always prevalent. We also have a strong commitment to networking with buyers to ensure that every piece finds a home. Feel free to contact us for all inquiries or drop by to see our regularly changing stock and start a collection of your own. This is a website where the whole family can have fun together by being able to Bid on their favourite Items or find a hidden treasure amongst the abandoned or forgotten items listed on this site. If you have watched the Television show Storage Wars and enjoy that then you will love it here. Whether a family and friends having fun or just Ausie Pickers looking for a bargain or something unusual, experience the Atmosphere of the Auction from the comfort of your own home.


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StorageAuctions allows customers and self storage unit buyers to purchase and bid on online storage unit auctions. This real-time, updated sale allows for constant bidding throughout the entire process. The wide range of styles on offer means that there is sure to be something to suit every taste or decor plan. Every week we have a different selection, so if your perfect item is not in this week's auction, you'll only need to watch the catalogues for a few weeks and it will be sure to pop up. The friendly professional staff have not only managed on-site auctions and taken on large consignments, but also continued to provide a portal to bid and buy antiques online.

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